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Diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases and injuries is also done in the office.  The following are some of the more common conditions, but not all potential diseases or injuries are listed.

Foreign Body Removal:
Particles can sometimes get attached or imbedded on the eye surface.  Dr. Wild does removal of these foreign bodies in the office. 

Trauma to the eye such as an injury from a baseball, tennis ball, or another accident (a fall) can cause temporary or permanent injuries to the eye.  Such injuries are diagnosed and treated by Dr. Wild.

Retinal Conditions:
A few of the common conditions Dr. Wild diagnoses at yearly eye exams:
     Macular degeneration
     Retinal/Macular Drusen
     Choroidal tumors
     Retinal hemorrhages
     Retinal detachments/tears

Floaters can occur in the vitreous (fluid inside the eye) and may appear as a small dot or a line in a person's field of vision.  Dilated exams can determine the cause of the floaters and if treatment is needed.

Red Eyes:
This term can encompass many conditions of the external eye.  Common causes can range from allergies, bacterial infections, viral infections, corneal abrasions (scratches), or dry eye syndrome, just to name a few.  Dr. Wild provides diagnosis and treatment of such conditions.

This is a common condition, that results in inflammation of the eye lids and is often associated with dry skin.  In early stages many patients are not aware the condition is present.  If left untreated it can lead to styes, loss of lashes, and dry eyes. It usually is a chronic condition; the treatment and monitoring of Blepharitis is done in the office.