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Dry eye syndrome is a condition that is caused by a low tear production, or poor quality of tears.  If there is not enough lubrication (provided by tears) a patient may experience a sensation of something being in the eye, a gritty feeling, burning eyes, or increased watering of the eyes.  Dry eye syndrome is a common condition that effects many people; often times this condition becomes chronic.

Yearly eye exams help diagnose a dry eye condition.  Once a dry eye syndrome is determined the appropriate course of treatment can be chosen.

Treatment usually involves using various forms of artificial tears.  The severity of the individual patient's condition will determine the amount and type(s) of artificial tears needed.  Other forms of treatment maybe necessary if artificial tears alone do not resolve the condition.  Untreated, the condition can result in changes to the cornea (front surface of the eye).  If treatment is needed, the condition may require follow-up appointments to ensure the condition is under control.