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Laser vision correction (lasik) is a surgery designed to decrease or in some cases eliminate the need for contact lenses or glasses.  Laser vision corrects farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism.  There are also surgeries to correct patients who need bi-focals. 

Dr. Wild co-manages laser vision correction with his patients.  If a patient is interested in having lasik a consultation will be done with Dr. Wild. The consultation will provide a patient with the pro's and con's of lasik or other forms of refractive surgery. An updated eye exam will be needed; once all testing is completed and it has been determined a patient is a candidate for lasik, Dr. Wild will send a referral to the appropriate surgeon. 

If co-management is utilized the patient will receive the benefits of an experienced surgeon and the expertise of your optometrist.  By choosing co-management the surgical fee does not increase; all care is included in the total fee.

The patient will meet with the surgeon and set up a surgical date.  Once the surgery and one day follow-up with the surgeon is completed, Dr. Wild will continue all of the future follow-up care.  Appointments will be done one week after the surgery, one month later, three months later, and then yearly.  Additional appointments maybe required based on an individual patient's needs.