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Patient's who are diabetic need to be have a yearly eye exam and dilation.  Early stages of diabetic retinopathy are difficult for a patient to notice without these tests.  Yearly exams allow for early detection and any necessary treatment to prevent vision loss.

High blood sugar can cause problems with eye sight.  As the blood sugar becomes normal the eye sight will change.  It is important to keep blood sugar under control to help prevent damage to the retina.

The treatment of diabetic retinopathy depends on the stage.  Early stages only require yearly checks and keeping blood sugar under control.  If the diabetic retinopathy progresses, laser treatment or surgery may be needed.  Dr. Wild will make a referral to the appropriate doctor for the treatments.  Once the treatments are complete follow up care can continue with Dr. Wild.

Dr. Wild will also communicate with your primary care physician after each eye exam and dilation.