Dr. Randy J. Wild
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  First time wearers:

  Contact Lenses are great for correcting vision if fitted and handled properly.  You will go
  through an initial fitting to determine the correct type of contact lenses.  Every type of contact
  lens serves a different purpose, we are able to fit all types of contact lenses depending on what
  your needs are.

  During the initial fitting you will try a couple types of contact lenses.  This ensures a proper fitting
  contact lens.  You will also learn how to handle the contacts (taking them in and out), cleaning
  them, caring for them, and how often you are supposed to replace them.  Not correctly taking care
  of contact lenses can cause serious problems for your eyes.

  Once you have completed the initial fitting, you will come back in a week to have the doctor
  check and make sure the contacts are working properly.  If the initial contact lenses are performing to
  Dr. Wild's expectations we will order out your supply of contact lenses.

  The final check is done two weeks later.  You will pick up your  contact lens supply before this
  appointment, so you can wear a new set into the office.  Dr. Wild will check again to make sure
  your eyes are healthy.  After this check you will only have to come in yearly for your eye exam and
  a brief contact lens check.

  Current contact lens wearers:

You will need to have a comprehensive eye exam and a brief contact lens check every year in
  order to re-order you contact lenses.  If your visual changes require a new type of contact lens (such as a
  contact lens which corrects astigmatism or needing bi-focal contacts) you will need to go through a new
  contact lens fitting.
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